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“We’re passionate about our work. Our service technicians are auto enthusiasts up to any restoration challenge or upgrade”


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Restoration and Custom work is one of the central tasks of what we do at Lived 9 Lives. One of our biggest points of pride, we do most of our own custom metal fabrication in-house. Some of the major fabrication work we do includes:


  • Rust repair and panel replacement
  • Full Nut and Bolt Restorations


New and classic auto paint work is another one of our specialties. If you have a new upgrade, a classic car project or part restoration and want an authentic paint job, just check in with us before you say yes to another auto body paint shop.

A proper paint job is essential to prevent rust and deterioration. The paint on your vehicle is its first line of defence from the elements. We are through in our process and most new panels need to be straightened, gaps need to be aligned and while this can be time consuming, it is a very necessary process to get a paint job that will last and make your vehicle look amazing.

From the initial preparation work of removing any existing paint or body filler, to primer, basecoat paint and clear coat, our multi-step procedure involves high quality automotive paint products you can expect that new car look to last for many years to come.


If you’re looking to restore or add light engine modifications, Lived 9 Lives Kustoms has over 20 years of experience of building dream vehicles.

Our mechanics are on hand to offer free, valuable advice, and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle.


There is a whole world of chassis and suspension possibilities under your car, including a completely new chassis for body-on-frame vehicles. Drum brake rebuilds, master cylinder replacements and brake line replacement are all services we currently offer.

When working on your car, we will clearly explain all the options available to you, along with our personal recommendations.


We are industry experts when it comes to sourcing the right parts and supplies to approach every custom build. We can fabricate parts from scratch and we also have an extensive relationship directly with many brands world wide, which enables us to buy directly from them quickly and delivered to our workshop here in Southampton


We are specialists in a wide range of garage services including Tyres & Exhaust, MOT, Suspension, Brakes, Welding, Car Repairs, Car Servicing and more.

Time to book a service, MOT, new tyres or a repair? Book a service online with Lived 9 Lives as we know your car better than anyone else.

Our garage standards include:

  • Brake Servicing and overhauls.
  • Engine Servicing.
  • M.O.T work carried out.
  • Suspension works carried out including lowering via spring replacement or Coilover fitting.
  • Welding
  • Pre purchase Vehicle inspections.
  • Custom Headlights and rear lights service.

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